Why Hot and Humid Environments can Cause Life Threatening Illnesses

Summer is a time to enjoy and rejoice your vacations but it can also become an adversary if one is not careful about the cons of heat and humidity. There is a renowned quote “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”. Actually, both of these are a cause of many illnesses since they work simultaneously as reasons of ailments. A result of study states that 175 Americans die from extreme heat every year. Men are more prone to heat illnesses since they sweat more and they subject themselves to more physical exertion and exercise.

Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a crucial process through which our body deals with heat. When temperature get high, our blood starts heating up and our heart rate increases which subsequently increases the blood flow rate through our arteries. Our vessels expand in response to this flow and our sweating glands are put into action. Just monitoring your activity isn’t enough, because the blood starts flowing closer to our skin’s surface and extra heat is removed through a myriad of tiny capillaries into the atmosphere. The process of perspiration takes place and water exudes through our skin which is dominantly responsible for the process of heat dissipation.

Sweating alone isn’t ample enough to control body temperature, until and unless evaporation complements sweating it won’t be able to cool down our body and high humidity thwarts evaporation resulting in high body temperature. The body gives it all to control its temperature under 98.6 degree Fahrenheit, heart raises blood flow, vessels expand and glands deposit liquid including sodium and chloride on our skin but due to environment’s resistance to evaporation, body suffers high temperature. Most of the heat disorders are produced when body fails to shed heat through sweating or salt deficiency cause by excessive sweating.

Heat Illnesses

A diversity of illnesses is inflicted by excessive heat exposure. From heat cramps to most critical and severe ailment such as heat stroke, heat can even prove to be deadly. Heat cramp causes muscle problems and involuntary spams, tissues lose flexibility causing pain. This happens due to excessive sweating or inadequate fluid intake.

The legs and abdomen are more prone to heat cramps than any other part of our body. Heat exhaustion is more severe than heat cramps and it occurs when our body is exposed to high temperatures for prolonged period of time. People who work in hot environment such as industries are more prone to such illness, especially the ones that wear thick layer of clothing in hot and humid ambiance. Heat stroke is the most critical form of hyperthermia because they are life threatening. Heat exhaustion can develop into a heat stroke and it needs urgent medical attention.

Prevention Techniques

All of heat illnesses are caused by either exposure to high temperatures, salt imbalance in our body or failure of body’s temperature controlling system. In order to prevent such plights, we need to take care of our environment, hydrate our body if we sweat excessively, use of oral rehydration salts is also beneficial. At homes, the use of a quiet industrial garage dehumidifier would be an astute step since they reduce humidity, allowing your body to sweat properly and preventing many illnesses.
Just keep in mind, even though humidity is necessary to keep our body hydrated, a relative humidity over 60% can prove to be dangerous.