What Not to Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Waste King 9940 Legend Series 34 HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage DisposerA garbage disposal is a convenient appliance that lets you throw excess kitchen waste while it allows you to reduce the amount of junk you throw into your trash can. Although this appliance is a tough one, not everything can be processed by this unit.

It may have a powerful motor and blade but there are certain items that should not be put down into your disposal, besides your utensils and fingers.

Here’s a list of items you must never put inside the garbage disposals, if you don’t want them to break down.

Grease or fat

Grease, oil and fat must not go down to this unit or in the drain. When they cool down, they solidify, thereby, clogging the unit.
Instead of throwing them to your disposal or drain, you should place them in your compost bin, recycle them, or take them to the local landfill.


Garbage disposals cannot process rice, even pasta. These two items can’t be broken down by this type of appliance no matter how many hours you run the unit. When they build-up inside, they can cause clogging.

Bones of an animal

The blades and motor of your garbage disposal are not strong enough to break down bones. In fact, animal bones are considered to be the most common items cause obstruction.
However, fish bones and small chicken bones are okay.

Coffee grounds

Throwing them to the drain is fine but putting them into your disposal can cause the unit to clog. They get stuck in the machine and they accumulate overtime.
Instead of putting them to this unit, why not place them to your trash or compost them.

Seeds of fruits

They could be seeds of any fruit. You must also avoid putting down fruit pits of peaches, apricots, cherries, and the like. They can only damage the unit.

Egg shells

They, too, can clog the line causing damage to the unit.
As an alternative, place them in a compost bin or garden pot. They are known to improve the growth of some flowers or orchids.