Comparison Between Pull Out And Pull Down Faucets

Like every useful things these two models have their up and downsides.

Pull Out Faucets:

ProsPull Out Faucets

  • The flexibility contributed by the longer spray hose helps you fill pots putting it away from the sink.
  •  If your sink is shallow and has limited space around it, then this is the ideal model as the spout is quite short.
  • The amount of splash back of water is also minimal due to the flexibility of the spray hose.


  • Filling of taller items like pitchers and small drums becomes difficult.
  • It is a sheer inconvenience if you have a big hand. The grip on the handle becomes difficult as it gives you less space around the spout.

Pull Down Faucets:

ProsPull Down Faucets

  • The choices of spray heads are multiple as compared to the pull out type. Thus rinsing and filling becomes easier.
  • The spouts last longer as they are not bent in different direction.
  • It is ideal for deep sinks as the spout is taller.


  • The height of the spout being taller, you have to be careful about the space in and around your sink.
  • The water pressure can be affected in the faucet due to the taller spout when it comes to the sink area.

Now that you have gone through the differences, similarities, advantages and disadvantages of the two models, we hope it will be easier to pick up the best choice for you. It will not only make your work in the kitchen easier, but also make your kitchen look good.

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