Clean Like a Superhuman – Our Speedy Hacks for a Sparkling Home!

All of us have, at one time or another, had to face the prospect of having to clean our home as quickly as possible before the in-laws descend for a last-minute unexpected visit! There’s nothing more terrifying than looking at a mountain of chores which suddenly need to be done to turn your home into a sparkling oasis of comfort and knowing you only have an hour to get it all finished.

Luckily, these handy speedy cleaning hacks will help you to get your home glistening in no time. You’ll be a true Human Paragon of clean as you open your door to your visitors to reveal a spotless residence!

Use the Right Productscodeita

If you need to dust away dirt in a hurry, forget using traditional cleaning tools. Ditch the duster and instead switch to microfiber cloths and dryer sheets instead. You’ll be amazed by just how much dust and grime these items can pick up and just how useful they can be for a host of other cleaning purposes too. Buff away water spots from your kitchen or bathroom tiling, clean your shower door in no time and clean your baseboards in seconds with these cleaning tools. A quick once around your surfaces with one of these and your rooms will be dust and dirt free.

De-Clutter on the Fly

A lot of speedy cleaning is about making the surfaces perfect. Are your visitors really going to look inside your cabinets and drawers? The key to making your home look spotless is to de-clutter your countertops and tables. Of course, you really should be clearing as you go on a daily basis – filing away paperwork, putting away items as they’re no longer needed, and wiping down countertops as soon as they’re used. Unfortunately, we don’t all live in a perfect world. If you’re the kind of person who tends to let things mount up, getting rid of the clutter just before you guests walk through the door is a great way to give the impression of cleanliness.

A Bathroom Once Over

Bathroom designEvidence has shown that businesses are starting to become aware that clean bathrooms are key to giving the right first impression. This is no less important in private homes. If you do nothing else before your guests arrive make sure you’ve given your bathroom a once over. Make sure the bath tub has no unpleasant hair in the drain, that there is no grimy ring in the toilet and that there are no toothpaste stains on the sink. A quick wipe over with an antibacterial spray and a blast of air freshener and your guests will feel right at home.

An Entryway Focus

The first thing your guests are going to see is your entryway, so you need to make sure that it passes inspection. It’s no good opening your door to a hallway that’s filled with shoes, umbrellas and coats strewn over the floor. Make sure that your entryway has been tidied up, with everything in the right place and neat. If you can, give the floor of your entryway a quick mop or vacuum and wipe any obvious marks from surfaces. You’re sure to give the right impression to your guests.

Follow these top tips and you’ll find that, no matter how cluttered and messy your home, you’ll still manage to make your guests feel comfortable. It only takes a few minor changes to make your home look neat, and as long as you pay attention to these key areas, you’re sure to find that your in-laws will get a pleasant surprise when you open your front door.