Air Purifier – Types of Air Cleaners

Those who suffer from allergies and asthma opt to have an air purifier to help them breathe easily. This is why air purifiers are present in many American homes, and you cannot blame them as the air inside a regular home is dirtier than the air outside (thanks to the moisture that causes the development of molds and mold spores).Air Purifier

But what exactly are the different types of air purifiers?

According to Air Reflect, the following is an important classification.


They are a type of air purifier that cleans the air using a filter. When the air passes through the filter, it removes harmful particles. This type of unit is usually a part of a cooling system, like an air conditioning unit. It is a very effective air purifier as it can catch even the smallest particles. Unfortunately, this one is pricey. And you need to keep the filters from functioning properly by washing or replacing them.


This type of air purifier meets the standards of Department of Energy for removing particles from the air. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are more efficient than the above mentioned type. Because of that, they are more recommended to patients with asthma and allergies. You can also opt for advanced HEPA filters to further protect you against allergens and dust particles.


They do not only clear the air from dust particle but they are also capable of taking care of fumes, chemicals and odors. The most commonly used adsorbent is activated charcoal. But this type of air purifier has limited capacities, compared with HEPA and air cleaners.

UV Light

It utilizes ultraviolet radiation to eliminate the air from airborne bacteria and viruses, in addition to allergens and dust particles.